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The Christmas order deadline is Dec 6 2017.  This is for all regular price orders, voucher promotions will be best effort to get them out for Christmas.
Please email customer service at for assistance to place your order.  If you have a voucher code, please ensure to provide your redemption code.
Shipping is a flat fee of $12.99 for shipping one item across Canada.  For items placed in the same order, it is $12.99 for the first item and $6 for each additional item in the same order.
For the ONLINE software, internet connection is required while working on your project.  You can access the software from any computer or browser, as long as you are connected to the internet.  For the OFFLINE software, you only need internet connection when you download the software and then when you upload your completed project, you do not need internet connection while designing your book.
The file formats required for the pictures are JPEG, PNG or TIF.
The logo appears on the very last page and it is in the centre of the page.  This is a page that is inserted and will not affect your photo book.  You have the option to have the logo removed at checkout.
For the ONLINE software additional pages can be added with the Page Options button above the design screen.  For the OFFLINE software addtional pages can be added with the Page menu option to the top left of the screen.
Within the ONLINE software the product can be changed with the box labelled "Change Product" to the right of the Logo within the software.  For the OFFLINE software the product can be changed with the 6th button with the double arrow above the design screen.  The product change is where you can change from a material cover product to an image wrap product.  The paper options can be cahnged at checkout.
The “Click to add text” is for information only, if you do not use it, it does not appear in the printing.  Please ensure to preview your order to ensure the text boxes appear as desired.
300dpi is the best resolution for your images.
For both the ONLINE and the OFFLINE software you are prompted when you open your product, you can always add more images to the bar to the left of the design screen.
Our software gives you complete control over the design of your book, you are able to place as many pictures to a page as you like.  You can use one of our predesigned templates or design your own template.
Please follow instructions specific to your browser as provided at the following link:’s-Cache
We do not alter the pictures in any way, as we receive them as PDF files. How the pictures look on your screen in the preview will be how it will look when printed. The settings on our printers are the same for all albums that we print.
With regards to the expiration for the promotional voucher, we do offer a grace period of 5 days to help out our last minute customers, however, this period is to resolve any last minute issues that the customer may have.  We are not able to individually extend vouchers beyond the promotional period.  However, please note that the amount paid for the vouchers will never expire, i.e. if you purchased a coupon for $10, you will get $10 off your order outside of the promotional period.
Voucher promotions are not designed for volume orders, you can only redeem one voucher per order. Vouchers are designed to introduce customers to My Picture Book's software and product, they are not designed for volume orders.
Please ensure that each voucher is included in the third step for payment after the Shipping/Billing step and before Confirming your order, you will see in the payment detail section "If you have been provided with a voucher code please enter it now and click the 'Redeem' button." If your voucher is not working, please email Customer Service at the code and they can investigate the issue for you. Please note that voucher promotions cannot be combined.
It is recommended to preview your order before submitting your order for printing.  With the ONLINE software your project can be previewed with the 3rd option to the right of the logo at the top of the screen, next to the save option.  With the OFFLINE software, your project can be previewed with the last button that looks like a play button above the design screen.
With the ONLINE software, text can be added with the 4th option above the design screen.  Text can be edited by double clicking the text box. With the OFFLINE software, text can be added with the 5th option above the design software.  Text can be edited by double clicking on the text box, you will see the text editing options to the right of the screen in the inspector panel.
Your image is of a portrait size, if you move this image into a picture box of a different dimension, you will lose part of the image.  By cropping the picture you can determine which part of the picture you want to appear in the picture box. The first of the editing buttons, the Wand is for the cropping function. When in the cropping function, you can zoom in and out of an image by using the scale to the right. Then you when you hover your mouse over the clear image you will see a hand, if you hold your left mouse down you can move the picture around to how you want it to appear.
There are 3 editing buttons that show up on the top left of your picture box.  The first is the wand that lets you crop and zoom pictures, the lock box allows you to unlock the picture and edit the picture box, you can make it bigger or smaller.
There are four different versions to use. Browse the Products menu item to select which one is right for you. Desktop software can be downloaded here.