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My Calendars

A custom calendar showcases your favorite photos or artwork all year long!

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Do you have a birthday, graduation, wedding or vacation that you need to remember? Now as an added bonus, you can add your very own personalized dates. Personalize the date on your calendar and ensure that you don’t forget these special dates.

Custom calendars are the perfect way to share your digital photographs with loved ones or inspire yourself every month. Making your own personalized calendar is made easy using the free My Picture Book software. Simply choose your calendar size, upload your pictures and get started. My Picture Book provides you with many free professionally designed templates that you can utilize, or if you are feeling creative you can even create your own design.

  • 12 or 18 month calendar on 11″ x 8.5″ quality silk paper.
  • Wire bound featuring your images.
  • Hang in kitchen, office or study.

Calendars make great personalized gifts and are a great tool for promoting your business or fundraising.  With My Picture Book you can make your custom branded calendar in minutes. With our new online software, you have the flexibility of customizing your calendar with your photos and text.

11×8.5 Calendar $34.99

Shipping is a standard $11.99 plus tax across Canada.

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